Divers and ocean lovers are known for decorating their homes with a touch of the deep blue. From seashell decor to mesmerizing aquatic-themed artwork, they tend to craft a serene underwater environment with the best home decor for ocean lovers. Even morning routines can be ocean-inspired, sipping coffee from mugs with marine life prints. These scuba diving gift ideas for the home are ideal as they bring the tranquility of the ocean into daily life. 

Keep reading for a list of the best home decor for divers. Find something for yourself or get ready to give the perfect gift to your favorite marine enthusiast.

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antique divers helmet best home decor for divers
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1. Reproduction Sea Diver Decorative Diving Helmet


Nothing is more synonymous with scuba diving than the antique diver’s helmet. Although almost no modern divers know what it’s like to dive with such a helmet, we still all love the symbol. Grab this desk or shelf decor for yourself or your favorite diver, and they’ll be thanking you every time they sit down to work.

2. Scuba Flag with Diver Vinyl Decal Sticker


If you haven’t yet noticed, vinyl decal stickers are everywhere. Gen Z loves using these bad boys to decorate their water bottles, laptops and bedrooms. If you’re looking for a budget gift for a young diver, check out this sticker. Its flag and diver design leaves no doubt that the user is a certified diver.

scuba diver flag best decor gifts
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personalized tree ornament best home decor
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3. Personalized Scuba Diving Ornament


While the recipient of this ornament will only be able to use it for a couple months a year, this type of decor will bring warm feelings year after year, whenever it’s removed from storage. Not only does the ornament show our sport of choice, it’s also personalizable, meaning you can choose to print your favorite diver’s first or last name across the BCD. Several colors are also available for the fins and mask.

4. Dive Flag Wine Bottle Stopper


A dive flag wine-bottle stopper is a sure bet if you’re looking for ocean home decor to give as a gift. Affordable and effective at conveying the mood, this small gift for scuba divers is available with several marine animals printed across the top. Each one is in the classic ‘dive flag’ style.

manta ray bottle stopper best decor for divers
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shark rug white decor home ideas diver
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5. Sharks Area Rug


One of our very favorite home decor options for ocean lovers and scuba divers includes this rug complete with a shark pattern. Available in a range of sizes, this rug shows everything from whale sharks to hammerheads and thresher sharks. We could imagine this in a kitchen, living room or bathroom. This really is a great choice for anyone who can’t have too many sharks in their life.

6. Shark & Whale Posters


Educational and stylish, these shark and whale posters are every bit as useful as decor as they are for learning the various marine species. They could work well in a kid’s bedroom or a bathroom, but really they are subtle enough to be hung just about anywhere. Our only criticism would be the inclusion of the orca on the whale poster. 

shark and whale posters best home decor for divers
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decorative octopus wall decor diver
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7. Cast Iron Octopus Toilet Roll Holder


Some people might say that octopuses are an overused marine life decor motif, but we beg to differ! We don’t know a single diver who isn’t tickled by seeing these cephalopodes. And, this has to be one of the most inventive pieces of home decor for ocean lovers that we’ve seen. This cast iron octopus is designed to hold your toilet paper, blending into most bathroom interior designs.

8. Scuba Diver Shower Curtain


This diver shower curtain is one of the coolest things we’ve seen in a while. You can get the same print on a towel or throw pillow. Keep an eye out for periodic free worldwide shipping offers from this site.

scuba diver shower curtain best home decor
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shark funny cushion diver home decor
Image courtesy of Redbubble

9. Motivational Shark Throw Pillow


Add a little levity to your home decor with this motivational shark throw pillow. Thanks to the neutral color scheme on this pillow, it could probably be used on most couches or beds, but on closer inspection, your guests will see that this is just another addition to your ocean obsession. But who doesn’t love great white sharks that need a little pep talk? 

10. Octopus Throw Pillows


Marine life and ocean home decor isn’t the most subtle on the market. Some might even accuse it of being a bit garish. So, if you’re looking for some classier decor that still shows off your love for scuba diving, we can definitely recommend these octopus throw pillows. The square pillow covers don’t come with inserts, but once assembled, they will look great on your couch or bed.

octopus throw pillows best home decor for divers
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mermaid tail blanket best decor
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11. Mermaid Tail Blanket


Give your favorite mermaid a relaxing tail sleeping blanket. This would be an enchanting choice for divers and ocean lovers, allowing them to stay cozy and dream of underwater adventures even when they’re on land. This particular blanket is available in adult-size and comes in a plethora of colors. But, child sizes and other patterns are also available across the internet.

12. Limited Edition Shark Respect the Locals PADI X Klean Kanteen Wide Mouth Bottle


Be sure to check out all the ocean-themed coffee mugs or canteens featuring marine life available on PADI Gear! This particular Klean Kanteen Wide Mouth Bottle can hold both warm and cold beverages, keeping them at the desired temperature for hours. Plus, by carrying the shark and PADI logo, everyone you meet will know you’re proud to be a diver.

water bottle save the locals padi gear best home decor

scuba diver glass decor
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13. Engraved Scuba Glass


Toast to underwater adventure with this scuba diver engraved glass. Whether you intend to use it for water, soda or something a tad bit stronger, this glass, which is some of the best drinkware for divers, is up for the task. We especially love the retro diving helmet design. A set of four would make them everyday drinking glasses, or simply buy one as a gift for someone who loves scuba.

14. Whale Shark Camper Mug


First caffeine, then scuba diving with whale sharks. Enjoy your morning cup of coffee or tea in this camping-inspired ceramic mug displaying the largest fish in the sea. The navy sprinkles with white specks add a realistic touch to the design, making you think the shark is actually swimming through plankton-filled waters.

whale shark camper mug padi gear

ceramic octopus mug best home decor for divers
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15. Octopus Coffee Mug


If you’re looking for the best home decor for ocean lovers and scuba divers to give as a gift, you’ve come to the right place. This octopus coffee mug is definitely something they’ll love. Affordable and well-made, this piece is something that will stay in the kitchen forever. We’re really just suckers (yes, we went there) for how the handle is one of the creature’s eight tentacles. 

16. Deep Tea Diver Tea Infuser


The deep tea diver tea infuser is a long-time favorite. It comes in a variety of designs, but this silicone version is especially easy to use. Plus, it’s available in three fun and vibrant colors.

diver tea infuser best home decor
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biodegradable trash bags best home decor for divers
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17. Biodegradable Rubbish Bags


Plastic is the enemy of the ocean, and although biodegradable rubbish bags might not be the most glamorous gift, eco-conscious divers will appreciate the thoughtfulness. Buying for yourself? This essential piece of home goods will come in handy for months while helping you make less of an environmental impact with your waste.

18. Whale Tail Beeswax Reusable Food Wrap


For something a little less… trashy, we love this Whale Tail Beeswax Reusable Food Wrap. Unlike disposable plastic wrap, these beeswax wraps are reusable and long lasting. In fact, they can be washed up to 150 times before needing to be retired. Beeswax wraps are also available in a few other patterns on PADI Gear.

whale tail beeswax food wraps decor

Looking for More Gift Ideas?

From the kitchen to the bathroom, we’ve covered all the essential home decor for ocean lovers and scuba divers. If you haven’t found exactly what you want, keep looking on PADI Gear for the right piece for your home or gift for someone else. Remember, that PADI Club members get 20% off on select PADI Gear. Click here to join PADI Club now.

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