A piece of the best scuba diving apparel, such as a hat, a jacket or a bracelet, is always a reliable gift idea if you’re looking for the best gifts for divers. In addition to being functional, clothing is a popular way for scuba and ocean enthusiasts to proudly showcase their passion. Whether it’s a stylish, shark-adorned t-shirt or a manta ray-shaped jewelry piece, the best scuba apparel can provide a tangible connection to the underwater world when a direct connection with water isn’t possible. 

Below you’ll find a range of our favorite scuba apparel. We’ve included options for all kinds of water lovers, from items that are sure to start a conversation to some of the most functional scuba diving apparel pieces.

1. PADI Megalodon Dive Flag Hoodie


Be cozy, cool and environmentally conscious inside this PADI Megalodon Dive Flag Hoodie. The hoodie features dive-flag colored decals on the front and the back. The eye-catching design is made up of a megalodon jaw surrounding the PADI logo, and the high-quality sweatshirt also has layers made from a combination of organic cotton and recycled polyester, delivering protection and warmth while also being more environmentally friendly than 100% cotton.

megalodon hoodie best scuba diving apparel

mens softshell jacket best apparel scuba divers

2. PADI Recycled Softshell Jacket


This PADI Softshell Jacket for men can provide all the warmth and protection you’ll need during long days out on the water. The three-layer design ensures staying warm isn’t a problem, while the water-repellent finish keeps water spray at bay. It also includes a chest pocket and two side zip pockets for safely storing your essentials. The jacket is available in either black or navy and made from TopGreen® materials, meaning it’s also a more eco-conscious choice.

3. Red Beanie Hat


Whether you live (or dive) in a cooler climate and want to stay warm or want to sport the iconic scuba diver look (made famous by one of the world’s greatest explorers, Jacques Cousteau), this red beanie hat is never a bad pick. It’s made from a stretchable, rib-knit fabric to deliver a comfortable fit, while a double-layer design helps wearers stay warm. And if red isn’t really your color, this scuba beanie comes in more than 20 other colors.

beanie red hat best scuba diving apparel

whale shark bracelet padi gear

4. Whale Shark Bracelet


If larger, more noticeable scuba clothing items are a bit too in-your-face for you liking, this Whale Shark Bracelet is a more understated way to show your love for the watery world. The bracelet is made up of a small whale shark-shaped clasp attached to several pieces of cord. You can choose from either bronze or sterling silver for the clasp and three different colors, namely red, blue and green, for the cord. Each purchase of this USA-made product sees 15% of the profits donated to marine life organizations.

5. Hammerhead Shark Always Be Yourself T-Shirt


On first viewing, this shirt looks like it’s ready to hand out a serious life lessons, “Always Be Yourself.” However, closer inspection reveals a slight caveat to that statement — that if you can be a hammerhead shark, you should definitely be that instead. This fin-tastic t-shirt would make a great gift for any ocean lover. It also comes in a range of different sizes and 10 different colors, ensuring there’s an option to suit every personality.

hammerhead tshirt always be yourself scuba diving apparel

shark slippers footwear scuba diving apparel

6. Shark Plush Slippers


When you aren’t out diving, there’s no better way to relax than with a pair of these shark-shaped slippers on your feet. Each slipper features several realistic features to create an unmistakable sharky look, including large black eyes, gills, sharp teeth and fins. For comfort, the pull-on-style slippers have a thick foam footbed and are covered in 100% faux-fur. These are undoubtedly one of the best gift ideas for shark lovers.

7. Foot Traffic 3D Socks


For something a little more fun, why not give your favorite diver a pair of these Foot Traffic 3D Socks? When on, the hilarious design makes it look like the wearer has an orca chomping down on each of their feet. The socks are also available in several other animal-inspired designs, such as great white sharks, alligators and penguins. In addition, the mix of materials used in the socks make them comfortable, breathable and durable.

killer whale socks scuba diver apparel

manta ray t shirt padi gear diver apparel

8. Manta Ray Unisex Charity Tee


With its simple yet stylish design, this Manta Ray Unisex Tee is truly a versatile addition to any wardrobe. Whether you’re out on a dive boat or just hanging out with friends, the manta ray-adorned design showcases your love for the marine world while maintaining a stylish appearance at the same time. This scuba t-shirt comes in either black or navy and 20% of every purchase is donated to the PADI AWARE Foundation to fund manta ray conservation efforts.

9. PADI Limited Edition Dive Flag Rash Guard


A good rash guard is a key piece of apparel in any water lover’s wardrobe. These key items can keep you comfortable, protect you from the sun, make getting in and out of wetsuits a lot easier and also add a welcome dose of dive-day style. One of our favorites is this all-black, limited-edition option from PADI Gear. It features a simple yet stylish design, with a dive flag on the arm and the PADI logo across the chest. It’s also made from recycled plastic. 

Alternatively, if you’re looking for something a little more eye-catching, you can check out a wider range of rash guards on the PADI Gear site.

padi rash guard best scuba diver apparel

shark tooth plastic hat best scuba diver apparel

10. Embroidered Shark Tooth Trucker Hat


A scuba diving hat is one of the easiest ways to showcase your love for the scuba world. This stylish, embroidered trucker hat features a simple-yet-striking design — a single shark tooth. It also boasts an adjustable snap back to help ensure a secure fit, and it has a polyester mesh around the back to help keep your head cool on warmer days. Furthermore, this one-size-fits-most scuba hat is made from 35% recycled ocean plastic, and 20% of the proceeds from the sale of this hat are donated to fund PADI AWARE’s critical efforts.

11. Nitrox Retro Tee


If you know someone who likes standing out, loves retro-style clothing and is always talking about everything diving, this scuba diving t-shirt could be the perfect gift idea. On the back of the shirt, you’ll find a vintage-style advert for the use of enriched air. The slim-fitting shirt also features a smaller yet similar design on the front chest and comes in either yellow or green.

nitrox retro tee padi gear scuba diver apparel

padi blue ocean poncho scuba diving apparel

12. PADI X LEUS Ocean Poncho


The ability to dry off quickly after a dive is something that divers truly value, especially if they are into cold-water diving. By gifting your dive buddy this PADI X LEUS Ocean Poncho, you’ll give them the power to stay dry and warm between dives. The eco-friendly drying aid is made from a mix of recycled materials, including sustainably sourced cotton. Its large size can also accommodate a range of body shapes, while the antimicrobial treatment ensures it remains clean and smelling fresh, even on a long liveaboard trip.

Looking for More Gift Ideas for Scuba Divers?

Why not go all out and spoil your favorite diver by pairing your apparel gift with another of the best gifts for ocean lovers. Whether they’re a scuba diver or just love being around the water, we have gifts for everyone. Check out our top gift ideas for scuba divers below.

Please note that this article contains Amazon Associates affiliate links. If you buy one of the featured products after clicking on its link, we may earn a commission. Any commission earned from the products featured in this article will be donated to the PADI AWARE Foundation to support their work in ocean conservation.

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