Wearing the best ocean jewelry offers an easy way for anyone to show a deep connection to the world’s oceans. Through enchanting designs and eco-conscious themes, scuba diving jewelry doesn’t just look great, it also says a lot about the person wearing it. And it definitely falls into the category of best scuba gift ideas for her, for him or for anyone who loves being close to water.

When it comes to finding the best scuba diver jewelry, online shopping is a great place to start. But it’s worth remembering that your local dive shop may also stock a range of scuba diving necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other scuba diver “bling” that isn’t available elsewhere. Plus, you can try it on before you buy.

Scroll on to discover our favorite scuba diving jewelry, including rings, necklaces, bracelets and other ocean-themed jewelry. For a bit more of a splurge, go for one of the best dive watches/dive computers.

Some of the items benefit ocean conservation, such as the Cape Clasp jewelry line15% of proceeds are donated to ocean conservation organizations. If you click on one of the featured Amazon items and make a purchase, any Amazon Associates revenue from that item will be donated to the PADI AWARE Foundation™.

padi gear fin necklace best ocean jewelry

1. Scuba Diving Fin Necklace


This Scuba Diving Fin Necklace is a fin-tastic addition to any jewelry collection. The compact design of this scuba diver pendant makes it a subtle yet stylish way to show love for your favorite hobby. It includes a small fin charm hanging from a 16-inch (40cm) necklace, both of which are handmade from sterling silver. Additionally, the classy piece is supplied inside a gift-ready box and also comes with a 12-month warranty.

2. Mini Tank O-Ring Kit


In addition to being a cool key ring to attach to your keys or dive pack, this compact scuba tank is also a spare O-ring holder. The smart design includes a bottom cover which can be unscrewed to reveal a storage space for up to 10 O-rings. It’s the perfect addition to any save-a-dive kit and also has a handy, built-in pick for removing old and set-in O-rings. 

mini tank o-ring holder amazon
Image courtesy of Amazon

octopus belt buckle best jewelry scuba diver
Image courtesy of Amazon

3. Octopus Belt Buckle


Is there a better way to secure a belt than with an octopus-adorned belt buckle? We don’t think so. This high-quality jewelry piece features an octopus hugging a ship anchor. It’s made from zinc and has been hand polished to create an eye-catching look. The belt buckle fits 1-1/2 inch (38 mm) wide belt straps. Your scuba buddy will be buying bigger pants just to excuse wearing a belt.

4. Swimming Against the Current Cuff Bracelet


With its colorful and eye-catching design, this lightweight bracelet can be a key part of an outfit or simply stand by itself. The 1-1/4 inch (32 mm) wide bracelet is the ideal gift for a turtle lover as the face of the piece features a train of sea turtles. It’s also made from eco-friendly aluminum, which is 90% recycled.

turtle bracelet on wrist etsy best scuba diver jewelry
Image courtesy of Etsy

hammerhead shark matte ring padi gear

5. Hammerhead Shark Silicone Ring


This hammerhead shark ring is a more subtle way to show your love for the marine world. Forget in-your-face, fish-filled designs and instead opt for a simple look in the form of a pair of hand-carved hammerhead sharks on the band. The ring is made from medical-grade silicone and provides wearers with a surprising amount of breathability due to its patented airflow design. Additionally, the ring is a limited-edition item, meaning unlike a lot of the diving rings available online, this design won’t be around forever.

6. Sterling Silver Whale Ring


This smartly designed ring truly captures the grace and majesty of the ocean’s biggest creatures. These scuba diving jewelry rings are shaped like a whale and feature a number of intricate details, including a mouth, a fin and an eye. They are also made from durable sterling silver and are a fun way for any nature enthusiast to show support for ocean conservation. Plus, they’re available in great white shark, whale shark and manta ray designs, too.

whale ring jewelry padi gear best scuba diver jewelry

reef shark earrings padi gear best jewelry

7. Reef Shark Earrings


These reef shark-shaped earrings are an elegant accessory for any marine life enthusiast. Each earring sports exquisite attention to detail, showing off the distinct beauty of the often under-appreciated ocean dwellers. Furthermore, the USA-made earrings are also created from high-quality sterling silver and come with a gift box and polishing cloth. For an even bigger present for an ocean lover, you can add this accompanying necklace to complete the shark-inspired set.

8. Cape Clasp Manta Ray Bracelet


This Cape Clasp Manta Ray Bracelet is a great gift idea for ocean lovers. The design features an intricate, manta ray-shaped clasp which holds the cord bracelet in place. The combination of either sterling silver or bronze with your choice of three different cord colors results in one of the best casual wear items on our list. This piece is ideal for dive days, dive shop days and general wearing any day of the week.

manta ray bracelet padi gear best jewelry

best scuba diver jewelry apple watch
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9. Apple Watch Ultra


Apple’s newest iteration of the Apple Watch Ultra could be the dive watch/computer you’ve been searching for. In addition to all of the usual elements you’ve come to expect, such as fitness tracking, precision GPS and smartphone integration, the addition of the Oceanic+ app turns the watch into a dive computer (additional subscription required). Additionally, wearers have access to thousands more apps and can choose from a number of different wristband colors.

10. Garmin Descent Mk2S


With its sunlight-readable color display, impressive battery life and watch-style design, the Garmin Descent Mk2S is a great dive computer. Using the accompanying Garmin Dive app, this advanced piece of tech allows users to upload, share and review their dives. It can also store over 200 dives and includes six dive modes and ABC sensors, meaning divers can use the built-in compass for underwater navigation.

best jewelry dive watch garmin
Image courtesy of Garmin

Image courtesy of Seiko

11. Seiko x PADI Diver’s Watch


The silver exterior of the Seiko x PADI Diver’s Watch makes it a truly stylish addition to any diver’s wardrobe. The classy band is further boosted by the ocean-inspired colors of the bezel and watch face. The bezel numbers and minute hand sport a light blue essence color to ensure they remain legible in deeper conditions. Furthermore, the watch can travel down to depths of up to 200m (660ft), making it an adventure-ready jewelry piece.

12. Blancpain Fifty Fathoms 70th Anniversary Act 2: Tech Gombessa


The Blancpain Fifty Fathoms 70th Anniversary Act 2: Tech Gombessa is for serious divers. In fact, this watch boasts a design made with deeper divers in mind. The result is a top-of-the-line quality device with some of the most advanced features seen in a dive watch. From the grade-23 titanium case which barely registers when on, to the helium valve and water resistance to to 30 bar (approx. 300 meters / 984 feet), this is a dive watch that means business.

blancpain divers watch best jewelry scuba divers
Image courtesy of Blancpain

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