Being a certified PADI diver likely means you’re aware of PADI Club™ – one of the best ways to stay connected to your favorite hobby and get discounts at the same time. This annual subscription not only grants you access to a wealth of perks, such as savings on courses, a Scuba Diving magazine subscription, and also offers the standout benefit of discounted scuba attire through PADI Gear™.

One of the questions we most frequently get asked is, “Is PADI Club worth it?” 

If you plan to:

  • Purchase USD $250 or more per year in PADI Gear scuba attire for yourself or your friends
  • OR purchase any PADI Gear and take advantage of one or more of the other benefits

Then, yes, PADI Club is worth it, because membership costs less than your savings. Keep reading to find out more.

What Does PADI Club Cost?

At an annual cost of USD $49.95, PADI Club membership offers tremendous value, including a 20% discount on PADI Gear, complimentary access to the PADI ReActivate online course, 20% off most PADI eLearning courses, among numerous other perks. Whether you’re just starting your diving journey or are a seasoned diver, PADI Club offers outstanding value.

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Save 20% on PADI Gear for Yourself or a Friend

PADI Club members enjoy a 20% discount on many PADI Gear items, such as t-shirts, hats, hoodies, accessories and more. This benefit allows divers to purchase all the scuba attire they need to stay comfortable on dive trips and show off their diver status, or to give their scuba diving friends a gift they’ll treasure.

A few of our favorite PADI Gear items PADI Club members can save on include:

Whether you’re gearing up for a new diving adventure or simply looking to enhance your scuba attire collection, the 20% PADI Gear discount available to PADI Club members facilitates the acquisition of top-quality accessories and clothing. Many PADI Gear items actually benefit the ocean thanks to the use of recycled plastic in their construction. This exclusive discount ensures that you, as a PADI Club member, can outfit yourself with the latest PADI apparel, making your wardrobe reflective of your underwater identity.

Please keep in mind that exclusions do apply. The PADI Gear discount associated with PADI Club does not include sale or clearance items as well as certain special edition products.

How Do I Use My Discount on PADI Gear?

After joining PADI Club, you can access all your benefits by logging into your PADI account and navigating to the PADI Club Benefits page

Here you’ll find an exclusive promo code for your 20% discount. Simply apply the promo code in the PADI Gear shopping cart to display your savings.

A man on the beach smiles for the camera and holds up a padi certification card showing a manta ray

Other Benefits of PADI Club Membership

The PADI Gear discount on scuba attire is just one of the amazing benefits of PADI Club membership. There are so many more reasons why PADI Club is worth joining for every scuba diver. As a reminder, PADI Club members also get:

Plus, 5% of every annual membership fee is donated to the PADI AWARE Foundation™ to support global ocean conservation. 

Join PADI Club now to start taking advantage of all these great offers and benefits immediately.

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