Ever wondered (or been asked) what sort of sea creature you’d be? Take our fun marine life quiz and you’ll finally have your answer!

1. Where would you most like to be?

A — Hiding in a cave
B — Playing in the waves
C — Cruising the open ocean
D — Swimming along a coral reef
E — Chilling in the snow

2. Which word would your friends pick to describe you?

A — Intelligent
B — Playful
C — Scary
D — Funny
E — Loyal

3. Choose the activity you’d enjoy most:

A — Puzzles
B — Surfing
C — Swimming
D — Painting
E — Singing

4. Which of these skills are you best at?

A — Multi-tasking
B — Excellent hearing
C — Ninja stealth
D — Balloon modelling
E — Holding your breath

5. What are you most likely to be doing at a party?

A — Trying your hardest not to be noticed
B — Being the life of the party, surrounded by friends
C — Meeting people and learning new things about them
D — Impressing others with party tricks
E — Making sure your friends don’t get into trouble

6. Which superpower would you like most?

A — Invisibility
B — Flying
C — Night vision
D — Shapeshifting
E — Hypnosis

Now add up how many A’s, B’s, C’s, D’s and E’s you got… then scroll down for the result!

octopus in lembeh strait which marine animal quiz

Mostly A’s: Octopus

With nine brains, eight arms, three hearts and blue blood, octopuses are a myriad of intrigue, intelligence, and have even predicted the future. They’re also masters of camouflage and mimicking other marine life in order to escape predators or catch dinner.

dolphins which marine animal are you

Mostly B’s: Dolphin

Dolphins are known for their playful, acrobatic nature and can gather in superpods of over 1,000 individuals. They use echolocation to hunt and communicate — a skill that even humans have imitated (at a basic level, at least).

tiger shark in the bahamas which marine animal

Mostly C’s: Shark

Sharks can be found along reefs and across open oceans, with some even relying on swimming to breathe. While they have an undeserved reputation for being scary, they’re unquestionably action-packed, with excellent night vision, healing abilities, and an unrivalled history.

pufferfish in the blue water

Mostly D’s: Pufferfish

A pufferfish’s inflation trick is actually a clever defence mechanism, but if that doesn’t work, the tetrodotoxin they contain is 1,200 times more poisonous than cyanide — making them one of the world’s most toxic sea creatures. They also like to impress mates with artistic creations

whales in tonga marine life quiz

Mostly E’s: Whale

Often found in colder waters, these mammals are gentle giants; the blue whale is the largest creature on earth weighing nearly 200 tons. Whales are famous for their captivating songs, impressive breath-holding dives, and close-knit social connections.

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