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Just as in life, the best experiences are enhanced when they are shared. A good buddy will ensure that your gear is working and configured properly. Together, you can create a dive plan and check on each other throughout the dive. We love our dive buddies, and here are a few reasons why.

You share incredible adventures together

When two people see something, it makes it real. If you’re lucky enough to dive with a friend or family member, sharing your dive stories with others enhances your experience.

They stick by you

A good dive buddy pays attention to where you are at all times. They avoid the temptation to go rogue and chase a turtle.

They help get your dive started right

Since diving is an equipment intensive activity, a good dive buddy will help you don and check your gear. They become familiar with your equipment, and you become familiar with theirs.

Buddy Check

They can entertain you on your safety stop

A good dive buddy can make the three minutes fly by with an underwater chicken dance or by blowing the perfect bubble air ring.

They can help you spot critters

Four eyes are better than two. Combine your fish spotting skills and see twice as much sea life.

They are your partner in safety

They are ready to offer help in case of an emergency. Whether it’s untangling hoses, helping you work out a leg cramp, or offering his or her octo if you run low on air, a good dive buddy brings redundancy and makes your dive safer.

Diver with cramp

 Your buddy can be an underwater model

Photographers who have countless fish portraits can use their dive buddy as a new subject matter. (Videographers are encouraged to send a link to the above-mentioned chicken dance video.)

Do you have another reason you love your dive buddy?

Divers with turtle

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