Belize, home of the famous Blue Hole, was one of Jacques Cousteau’s favorite dive spots.

There really isn’t a bad time to dive in Belize, but there are different times to dive in Belize according to what you want to see and experience most.

In this article, we take a look at diving in Belize throughout the year and what’s on offer from season to season.

Diving in Belize: June Through November

The rainy season in Belize begins in late June and runs through to November. That said, you can still expect 12-24m /40-80 ft visibility at off-shore dive sites. If you don’t mind a bumpy boat ride, you can enjoy the best of Belize with fewer tourists. 

The water temperature in Belize doesn’t fluctuate much, but it’s the warmest from June to November (26-29°C/79-84°F). Expect similar temps topside.

Starting in October, you may have the opportunity to experience Nassau grouper mating season in Belize. Thousands of these fish descend on the Cayes to mate and give birth to their young from October through December.

If you want to dive but Belize but are looking for a more affordable way to do it, these could be the months for you. Flight prices tend to be lower and hotels and dive operators often have some great deals and promos up for grabs! Booking last minute doesn’t guarantee you a place but could result in even further discounts.

Diving in Belize: December to April

By early December, the rains begin to taper off and water temperatures drop slightly (just a few degrees). Expect water temperatures in the mid 20s (Celcius)/upper 70s (Fahrenheit). Air temperatures during these months are slightly cooler as well.

The dry season is also peak tourist season. When temperatures drop in the northern hemisphere, the sunny beaches of Belize are a popular place to warm up.

Peak tourist season means that accommodation prices are at their highest during these months. Flight prices are also at a premium during this time.

Belize Whale Shark Season: April, May and June

What’s the best time of year to dive in Belize? While this isn’t peak tourist season, it’s a great time for divers and we recommend these months for the following reasons: 

  • General (non-diving) tourist crowds die down starting in April
  • Underwater visibility is at its peak – a major plus for wide angle photographers
  • April, May and June are the best months to see whale sharks in Belize’s tropical waters
  • Prices are more realistic than during peak season for flights and accommodation
  • The rainy season starts in June (so consider June a shoulder month if you want the best chance of avoiding rainy days)

Truly, the diving in Belize is great any time of year. The water is warm and visibility is reliably 12-24m /40-80 ft or better.

If you want to mix up your scuba diving adventures with topside activities, Belize is the perfect destination. You can also trek to Mayan temples, go bird watching, and explore caves year-round, and spend time with the friendly locals at any time. 

For more information about scuba diving in Belize, check out our travel guide. It includes:

  • General information about Belize
  • Common marine life sightings by month
  • Average monthly temperatures and rainfall by month
  • Travel Information regarding how to get to Belize

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