Some divers are fortunate (or unfortunate) to earn a scuba nickname. For example, at one of our PADI Diving Society events, I was dubbed Little Lungs by a guy we called Wrong Boat Bob.

A few minutes of Googling turned up name generators for pirates, hobbits, and even third-string hockey goalies – but none for scuba divers! So we decided to make one…

Use the chart below to find your scuba diver nickname.
As an example: film director (and avid diver) James Cameron’s scuba diver nickname would be: Bicycle Bailout (based on his first name starting with J and his last name starting with the letter C).

If have a scuba diver nickname already, we’d love for you to share it (and the story that goes along with it!). Please leave us a comment below.

– Flotsom Homebrew (aka Little Lungs)


Find Your Scuba Diver Nickname

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