Where are you right now?  

Sitting in an office with no natural light and that annoying guy sitting next to you, or crammed in on a hot subway on the way to work with your nose way too close to someone’s armpit, or watching the rain through the windows at home on another wasted weekend preparing that presentation for your boss?

Time to change

Would you swap that all for a job where the beach and ocean are your office, your commute was by boat and you meet interesting people from all round the world every day?

With just a few clicks you could be on your way to a new career as a PADI scuba instructor.

We’re not going to bore you with lots of text to read (we’ll leave that to your company memos).  Instead check out this video

Look better then a life of meetings?  Then take that step and click to locate a PADI Dive store and start on your journey to a new career.

 Locate your nearest PADI store NOW!

Locate a PADI Dive store

Look for 5star Quality


Your local PADI centre will be more then happy to discuss your journey to scuba professional, but you can also read more about the PADI courses you will need to complete on our website or check out what it takes to become a PADI pro

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Being a PADI instructor can open the door to many interesting and varied scuba careers, why not check some of them out

One for the scientists – Limnologist

For those with Hollywood aspirations – Stuntwomen

If you love outer space – NASA

Run away to the – Circus 


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