The Women Divers Hall of Fame ™ (WDHOF) is an international non-profit honor society that recognises women divers who have made an outstanding contribution in their community. Every year, women from all over the world are commended for their work in exploration, understanding, safety and enjoyment of our underwater world.

For their 2021 program, The Women Divers Hall of Fame have announced the addition of three new PADI Members from Australia, USA and Mexico. Keep reading to hear about these incredible women and why they have been welcomed into next year’s program.

Allison Vitsky Sallmon – California, USA

Founder and president of non-profit organisation, Dive into the Pink, Allison uses the power of the diving community to fund cancer research and patient support. Allison is also an international award-winning underwater photographer and writer whose work has been published in numerous publications and online media platforms.

Karen Gowlett-Holmes – Tasmania, Australia

After learning to scuba dive in 1976, Karen has had a decorated career as an award winning underwater photographer, Marine Biologist and ocean educator. Specialising in benthic invertebrate animals, Karen is a leading Australian marine biologist with a passion for exploring the temperate marine biodiversity. Her work has even led her to have multiple marine invertebrate species named after her!

Karen Gowlett-Holmes – Tasmania - Australia

Deni Ramirez Macias – BCS, Mexico

As a conservation biologist, whale shark and giant manta ray researcher and conservationist, Deni’s work has helped a multitude of organisations and scientific publications. Deni has recently been ultra-sounding pregnant whale sharks and manta rays which has led to three areas being protected in Mexico.  Her work has also been featured in several international films and on National Geographic’s Discovery Channel.

Congratulations to these three remarkable PADI Women who are helping save and protect our oceans, all around the world.

Learn how you can help save our oceans by becoming a PADI Torchbearer.

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