Increasingly, divers are seeking out authentic diving and travel experiences that bring them closer other divers and allow them the chance to give back to the ocean planet.

A popular and fun way of doing this is by finding and attending a conservation event. The good news is, PADI Dive Centers all over the world already offer an incredible variety of fins on and fins off conservation experiences. A diver-centric conservation activity could be anything, including:

  • An AWARE Specialty course
  • A Dive Against Debris (marine debris removal)
  • Coral restoration courses
  • Seagrass and mangrove restoration
  • Coral reef surveying
  • Caribbean lionfish containment
  • Maldivian turtle rescue & rehab volunteering
  • A multi-week whale shark monitoring internship

The not so good news? It’s currently quite tricky to track these experiences down if you don’t already know about them… But not for much longer. Coming on World’s Ocean Day, June 8th, PADI will be launching a new tool to tackle this issue.

Through the PADI website, visitors will be able to find conservation courses, events and activities at PADI Dive Centers and Resorts around the world. Moreover, a strengthened PADI and PADI AWARE Foundation partnership will support more conservation programs and opportunities for divers to engage in citizen science.

To stay connected with key updates and be the first to hear about conservation activities and opportunities for a healthier people and planet, join the PADI Torchbearer Community.

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