Becoming a diver is a big step towards uncovering a whole new world and living unfiltered. Before long, you’ll be making magical discoveries of your own. Being able to breath underwater will allow you to explore the ocean and its inhabitants in a completely different way. Becoming a diver will change you to the core.

After becoming a diver, with every dive made, you’ll start to notice some changes to your way of living and traveling – positive changes we promise! These might include consistently feeling the urge to venture to new dive spots, or maybe even leading to a complete career change. Who knows where diving will take you!

a manta ray photographed from below

You’ll care even more about nature and the environment

If you already cared about the environment, wait until you become a diver. As soon as you start diving, you’ll realize how much the marine life relies on our protection and how much we need to save the ocean. Respecting and protecting the ocean and also the entire environment around you will become something very important to your daily life.

divers exploring a wreck on a sandy bottom

You’ll be more conscious of creating healthy habits

Eating croissants for breakfast, forgetting to drink water during the day and drinking too much alcohol will need to change; at least when you are on a diving trip. A diver needs energy and to be hydrated to stay fit for diving, which might even help the diver avoid decompression sickness in some cases.

You’ll feel healthier mentally and physically

Scuba diving is a wonderful sport for mind and body. Not only does it help you build muscle and stamina, it can also lead to a reduction in stress, anxiety and depression. Scientific studies confirm that time in the water helps our brains relax and releases happy hormones. Scuba diving really is good for you.

deep diver

You’ll crave disconnection from the topside world

When you’re underwater, no one can reach you. There’s no Facebook Messenger, no text messages, no emails and no TikTok to contend with. It’s just you, your bubbles, your buddies and the natural world. The next time you’re in the office or the classroom, you’ll start to think about when you can escape underwater again.

You’ll check the world map for diving destinations more often

Soon enough, you’ll realize that the world is a playground for divers. There are many amazing places in every corner of the planet offering dive sites you have never thought of. Believe us, when you’re hooked on diving, you will want to dive all of them.

a scuba diver looks up towards the surface in a a clear blue sea

After becoming a diver, you’ll want to include diving in every trip

If there is ocean near your next destination, you will start researching if it is possible to dive there. If not, you will be disappointed and will start wondering if it isn’t better to change to a different destination.

You’ll become a braver person

Every diver will face a difficult moment underwater at some point, and that’s when he or she becomes stronger and braver. After solving a problem underwater, any problem on the surface will seem easier to overcome.

To push yourself further with your skills, enroll in the PADI Rescue Diver course to ensure that you’re equipped to act in any situation.

a sea turtle laying on a coral reef

You’ll learn to pack light

As soon as you have your own equipment, you’ll feel forced to pack light in order to avoid extra baggage fees. In no time, you’ll be packing like a pro and will be more selective with what you really need to take. Diving equipment is your priority now.

You’ll discover a new knowledge of marine species

One of the most exciting parts of diving is spotting new and interesting marine life. Mantis shrimp, bull sharks, leafy sea dragons, nudibranchs and so many more creatures await you in the depths. In the process of learning to dive and then diving all around the world, you’ll learn more than you ever thought about marine life, and you’ll be able to impress your non-diving friends with your newfound knowledge.

different types of dive buddies

You’ll make new friends for life

The best way to make new friends is to have common interests. The good thing about scuba diving is that you’re constantly coming into contact with other people who love scuba. On dive boats, during your Open Water Diver certification course or at the next local dive club meeting, you’ll meet new dive buddies, who will inevitably become friends for life.

You’ll realize that you will never see the entire planet in one lifetime

When you begin to explore the underwater world, you will realize how immense it is, and how a lifetime is not enough to see it all. Even if you visit all the existing countries, you still won’t have seen half of the planet, because 70% of Earth is water. A diver is lucky to be able to explore just a few percentages beyond 30%.

two divers using rebreathers descend from the ocean survace

You’ll feel how short life is but also feel like you’re really living

Wether on the surface or underwater, life is short. You never know when something will happen. After becoming a diver, you’ll appreciate being alive just to be able to see how amazing the underwater world is. You’ll enjoy every moment of your trips underwater.

You’ll improve your physical health

It’s clear that dive equipment can be heavy to put on and get into the water with, yet becomes weightless when submerged. But the health benefits don’t stop at lifting your kit. Diving increases flexibility and even lowers blood pressure, improving your physical health.

four divers complete a safety stop before surfacing

You’ll realize the small things don’t matter

Diving helps many to become more deeply connected with themselves and others. By encountering stunning marine life, underwater topography, and even breathtaking destinations, we realize what matters. Diving helps you put things into perspective, and prioritize what truly matters in life. It’s likely that you’ll discover that doesn’t include material items, and is more about experiences and emotions!

You might become a morning person

It’s no secret that some of the world’s most spectacular dive sites are best explored in the early hours of the morning. At this time of day, divers often find the sites less busy and higher in marine life. Once you’re hooked on diving, you’ll certainly want to visit dive spots at the best times of the day. That morning alarm clock won’t seem too daunting anymore!

Ready to become a scuba diver and #LiveUnfiltered?

It’s clear that becoming a diver is a transformative event in anyone’s life. Whether you’re looking for a new hobby to detach from the world, or specifically a new challenging task to accomplish, diving does not disappoint.

So, get your world map in mind, choose a destination, enroll in your next adventure, and get ready to #LiveUnfiltered! Visit to get started online today, or book a course via PADI Adventures.

This blog was originally written by Alan Milliaine and published on the Diviac Magazine.

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