Has it been a while since you updated your PADI Diver cards? Can’t find your PADI certification card? Or it’s too old to use? If you need to update your card, or simply want a spare card, make a splash in 2024 with a NEW limited edition dive certification card design by wildlife photographers, like Sam Glenn-Smith, Stan Moniz, and Jay Clue. Choose from a dazzling array of blue-ringed octopus, weedy seadragon, green sea turtle and manta ray designs.

Your PADI certification card is your passport to explore the underwater world. Show your certification status worldwide with a limited edition dive certification card in either eCard form or a waterproof card made from recycled materials.

Blue-Ringed Octopus Crawl Card by Sam Glenn-Smith

This epic certification card features a blue ringed octopus taken by Australian underwater photographer Sam Glenn Smith. This intriguing blue-ringed octopus is seemingly beckoning divers everywhere to come along on its nocturnal crawl.

This card is a must for any critter or macro photography aficionados out there! This limited edition dive certification card (eCard only) shows the unique behavior of the blue ringed octopus as it crawls along the seafloor at Rye Pier – one of Melbourne’s best known dive sites.

blue-ringed octopus walking on sandy bottom ecard image

Meet the Photographer – Sam Glenn Smith

I am an underwater photographer, Master Scuba Diver Trainer, and dive guide from the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia. I am incredibly passionate and fascinated by our marine world and love to dive as much as I can. I am fortunate that my career at The Scuba Doctor Dive Shop in Rye allows me to spend so much time in the water through instruction, guiding, and photography, as well as presenting me with many opportunities to show guests from the local area and abroad our incredibly rich and biodiverse waters that we are lucky enough to call home.”

Sam uses his underwater photographs to inspire blue planet connection and to promote positive ocean change. “You don’t have to take award winning photos to be able to tell a story, so get out there and tell those stories. When people care they are more likely to make positive changes and actively work to protect the ocean alongside the diving world.”

When Same is not diving, he’s at home with his wife Kat and his dog Jax who love to hear about and see his photos of underwater life.

The Story Behind the PADI Blue Ringed Octopus Crawl Card

Sam Glenn Smith captured this stunning shot while diving at Rye Pier, which is known for its incredible critter life and macro underwater photography opportunities. What makes this image quite unique is that blue rings are usually photographed while stationary, this behavioral display of the octopus walking or crawling on the sea floor is a very rare moment captured on camera. The image also shows the elegance and exquisite details of the blue ringed octopus – aspects of this particular critter that are all too often overshadowed by its potent, venomous bite.

When asked about the image, Sam commented, “It is still one of my favorite, all-time images as the image shows so much movement and beauty in a creature that is often considered deadly – almost like an underwater ballet.

Are you keen to know more about octopus species and where to find them? Check out our blog: “8 Best Destinations for Diving with 8 Different Species of Octopus

Weedy Seadragon Nursery Card by Sam Glenn-Smith

Showcase your dive skills and show your reef love with this limited edition certification card design, also from photographer Sam Glenn-Smith. Two weedy seadragon males clutch the eggs of their future offspring at Flinders Pier in Victoria, Australia.

This limited edition dive certification card is available in both an eCard and a waterproof card made from recycled materials. There are only 2500 available.

new certification card with weedy seadragons

The Story Behind the PADI Weedy Seadragon Nursery Card

Photographer Sam Glenn-Smith sat down to tell us about thephoto behind the card. “This image was taken at one of my favorite local dive sites, Flinders Pier in Victoria, Australia. It is not unusual to see males with eggs hanging out together but trying to capture an image of that always proved difficult.”

If it was news to you that male weedy seadragons carry and protect their fertilized eggs, you may want to know more about this beautiful species. Find out all about weedy seadragons here.

Manta Enchantment Card by Jay Clue

Are you a fan of manta rays? Why not showcase your dive skills, along with your passion for these ocean giants, with this limited edition dive certification card designed by acclaimed photographer and conservationist, Jay Clue.

The PADI Manta Enchantment Card is available as both an eCard and as a physical, waterproof card made from recycled materials. Act fast – there are only 2500 of these cards available!

New certification card - manta enchantment

Meet the Photographer – Jay Clue

Jay Clue is a PADI Master Instructor, Tec Trimix Instructor, Cave Diver, and Closed Circuit Rebreather Diver who has captured the hearts of ocean lovers all over the world with his inspiring approach to photography, cinematography, and storytelling.

Jay’s impressive work encompasses wildlife, adventure travel, star-filled nightscapes, and conservation photography. In addition to working as a commercial photographer, he teaches photography workshops and leads unique ocean wildlife trips worldwide. Jay also hosts Scuba Diving magazine’s monthly ‘Ask A Pro Photographer‘ column and social media sessions, helping readers enhance their photography skills.

Early on, Jay says that he realized something incredibly important: beautiful images and stories can do a lot more than just be pretty. They have this incredible power to make humans who have never been to the ocean before fall in love with it and maybe even want to protect it. This realization became ingrained in Jay’s work as he continued learning and growing as a photographer. He no longer only wanted to just capture the beauty he saw in the ocean but instead, Jay wanted to use his photos to inspire others to hopefully feel the same passion that he has for our oceans.

The Story Behind the Manta Enchantment Card

In Jay Clue’s own words, “In October 2023, I was working on a brand shoot for PADI at the insanely gorgeous Wakaya Island Resort in Fiji. One of the coolest things about this project was that we had Luke Gordon, Project Leader of Manta Project Fiji, along with us.

The manta in the photo is ‘Bula Blue’ (M467). She has actually only been spotted four times and only at Wakaya. Her first sighting ever was in June 2023, only a few months before she came to visit us. The diver in the background is Julie Andersen, founder of Shark Angels and PADI Global Brand Director. Julie’s work in shark conservation is inspiring, to say the least. So, being able to capture this shot of a curious young manta with a passionate conservationist while being alongside an incredibly talented marine scientist at a photoshoot for PADI is just like everything you could ever want in one package. If there was ever a perfect moment that summed up PADI’s ‘Seek Adventure, Save The Ocean’ tagline, this was it.”

PADI AWARE Sea Turtle Legend Card by Stan Moniz

Support ocean conservation and marine animal protection while showcasing your commitment to our blue planet with this PADI AWARE certification card designed by photographer Stan Moniz. The physical, waterproof card is made from recycled materials, and USD $10 from every PADI AWARE Sea Turtle Legend Card purchase will be donated to the PADI AWARE Foundation™. It’s a win-win for you and the ocean!

Sea turtle PADI Aware new certification card

Meet the Photographer – Stan Moniz

Stan Moniz captures the beauty and power of the oceans through photography and film. He is an enthusiastic surfer and passionate scuba diver from the Hawaiian islands, now living in Orange County, California.

Born to make waves, Stan’s inspiration to pick up a camera came from years of experience freediving and surfing the North Shore on Oahu, Hawaii. Sharing stories and empowering people to explore the world through his lens, he raises awareness about the beauty and fragility of the ocean and inspires others to protect it. He is an adventure seeker and stargazer who explores and captures the beauty of the night sky through astrophotography.

Stan is a passionate teacher at heart, helping others discover their creative expression through photography and film.

The Story Behind the PADI AWARE Sea Turtle Legend Card

Photographer Stan Moniz tells us, “Growing up, my family and friends would tell me stories about a special place in Maui where I could observe sea turtle cleaning stations. Maui is one of the best locations on the planet to see dozens of these beautiful creatures at any given time.

Many moons later, I finally got to see the place that my family told me about with my own two eyes, an experience that had always been on my bucket list.

What makes this photo so unique to me is that it was taken on a fun dive minutes after achieving my PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certification. Words couldn’t express how impressed and in awe I was about the experience and how easy it was to relax underwater and take in the beauty of nature.”

This photo was taken off the West Coast of Maui just months before the devastating August 8, 2023 Lahaina, Maui wildfire.

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