Have you found yourself out of the water for a while? No matter how rusty you feel, you can always get back into the groove and explore the depths of your favorite dive spots while staying safe and having fun. PADI ReActivate is ready to help you do just that!

It’s always better to be over-prepared than to forget how to properly and safely complete a dive. With the PADI ReActivate scuba refresher program, you can quickly brush up on entry-level knowledge and skills without having to start from scratch.

What is PADI ReActivate?

PADI ReActivate is a fully personalized and prescriptive scuba refresher program. So, you’ll only have to cover the areas where your skills and knowledge need refreshing. Move quickly through topics you know well, then dive deeper where your knowledge may have lapsed. You’ll progress at your own pace, with as much (or as little) guidance as needed from a PADI Professional, to restore your mastery of scuba skills.

A scuba diver completing a knowledge refresher at home by using the PADI ReActivate eLearning scuba review program

Part 1: Knowledge Refresher – Independent Study

With PADI ReActivate eLearning, you can review important concepts online on your computer or mobile device – whenever and wherever it suits you. If you’re traveling, you can also download content to study offline using the PADI Training App (for Apple iOS and Android).

Over 20 sections, you’ll watch scuba skill videos and interact with common dive scenarios. You’ll make decisions that test your understanding of dive safety, dive planning, and problem management. If you’re correct, you’ll move on to the next section. Otherwise, you can fill knowledge gaps with detailed information about each topic.

Following the ReActivate Quick Review, you’ll be able to show your overall understanding with a ReActivate Certificate.

Two scuba divers in the water during an in-water session of the PADI ReActivate scuba refresher program

Part 2: In-Water Practice – with a PADI Professional

Following the PADI ReActivate online knowledge refresher, you can opt to complete an in-water session with a PADI Professional. Firstly, they will cover a few basic safety skills. Then, they’ll dive deeper into any areas you specifically want to recap. These scuba review skills include:

Just like riding a bike, the skills will come right back to you!

What’s more, once you’ve completed both the knowledge and in-water skill refreshers, you’ll get a replacement certification or recognition card showing your ReActivated date.

Reasons to Take the PADI ReActivate Program

Whether you’ve been out of the water for a year or for decades, the PADI ReActivate program can be a huge boost to your diving comfort levels. In fact, the program is designed to encourage existing certified divers who have been inactive to refresh their skills as they re-enter the sport of diving.

Here are three key reasons why you should take the PADI ReActivate Program before diving back into the deep blue:

  1. Build confidence in your dive skills for your next underwater adventure.
  2. Become a reliable dive buddy with the ability to handle many of the situations that might arise.
  3. Review core dive skills, like clearing a flooded mask and using your dive computer correctly, so you have safer, more enjoyable dives.

What are the Benefits of PADI ReActivate?

The personalized approach will suit every diver’s needs, from an in-depth scuba diving refresher after a break from the water to a simple annual tune-up. PADI ReActivate will help you feel more confident and ready to make the most out of your scuba adventures. Your dive buddies will also thank you, too!

Although PADI certifications never expire, dive shops will also appreciate seeing a recent ReActivated date on your certification card. This shows them you’re up to date with your skills and ready to dive into your scuba adventure:

  • PADI divers can add a ReActivated date to any PADI certification card they’ve earned (including specialty ratings).
  • Divers certified through other training organisations (with proof of entry-level scuba certification and minimum of four open water training dives) will get a ReActivate Recognition Card. This shows that knowledge and entry-level skills have been refreshed.
A PADI certification card which has been ReActivated after completion of the PADI ReActivate scuba diving refresher program

So, is PADI ReActivate worth it? Without a doubt! It’s quick, easy, and the best way to prepare for your next scuba course or diving vacation!

ReActivating with PADI Club

Want to ReActivate for free? PADI Club members receive a complimentary ReActivate eLearning program. In addition, PADI Club offers many more benefits to help you maintain your diver status, including:

  • A free Scuba Diving magazine subscription
  • 20% off several PADI eLearning courses
  • 1 free PADI eCard every year
  • A free DAN® Prepared Diver online course
  • Access to speaker events, meet ups and trips

PADI Club is a great way to invest in your future as a diver and welcome yourself back to the underwater world.

Jump Back in Today

Contact your local PADI Dive Center or Resort for more details. Or, start your scuba review today with PADI ReActivate eLearning.

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