Whether you need a gift for Scuba Steve or Scuba Stephanie, we’ve got you covered with our ultimate scuba diver gift guide for him & her.

Scuba Diver Gift Ideas for Her

For much of diving’s history, female divers made do with equipment designed for guys. These days, products designed just for women including: masks, wetsuits and BCDs are available at your local PADI dive shop. The shop staff will undoubtedly have great ideas for the special lady diver in your life, but here are a few to get you started:

A plain beanie cap with a chin strap helps keep her head warm and hair out of her mask. For divers with personality, order a hood in the shape of a shark, dragon, mouse or other creature.

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Many dive shops carry ocean-themed jewellery, rings, necklaces, etc. If she’s not a jewellery person, a scuba tank key ring is fun and practical (it contains spare O-rings), or perhaps she’d like a diving helmet charm for her mobile phone or key chain.

scuba diver gift

Knotted locks are annoying to some dive divas. For these ladies, a Bang Wrangler and hair care products designed to combat the effects of sun and salt water make a thoughtful gift.

Socks, scarves and other apparel 

When scuba diver chicks change out of their wet swimsuit into dry clothes, it’s often done awkwardly inside a car or in the loo. A specially-designed robe towel or watersports parka can help her change clothes when it’s convenient and with privacy.

For something a little more whimsical, we like these shark socks that look like the shark is eating your feet. Or why not a real life mermaid sticker?

If she’s also into yoga or other fitness activities, a sweet pair of leggings will garner lots of compliments for her – and you as the gift-giver! PADI Gear also has some nice apparel for women including cozy red pajama bottoms.

scuba diver gift

If you’re not sure about clothes sizing, get her a bag or backpack that doubles as a device charger. A scarf is another accessory most women like. This unique sharks scarf is available in a few different colors, or choose from a variety of underwater designs including mantas and sharks made by Spreadshirt in Ireland.

And if she already has everything? 

There are a number of eco-friendly subscription boxes that offer snacks and also beauty products created with minimal impact on the environment. Throughout the year she’ll be able to try new items and be reminded of your thoughtfulness.

A Women Divers Hall of Fame calendar allows her to display her scuba diver pride, and proceeds support training grants for other women divers.

scuba diver gift

Scuba Diver Gift Ideas for Him

scuba diver giftIf you’re looking for something affordable, a waterproof wallet or  diving helmet key ring. You also can’t go wrong with some dive flag flip flops.

Even if your guy already has a set of flip flops, he probably doesn’t have a pair where he can hide credit cards, cash, a hotel room key, etc. These Stash Sandals are both practical and comfy.

Male and female divers inevitably find themselves needing a quick repair kit. Your local dive shop can help you assemble the right items to fit the diving environment and your budget, but here are a few ideas:

Zip ties
Spare O-rings
O-ring Pick
Wrenches (various sizes)
Needle Nose Pliers
A full set of Allen Wrenches
Screwdriver with changeable tips (flat and phillips)
Small container of silicone grease
Spare batteries
Plasters / band-aids
Small dive light

Put all the items in a dry box for easy wrapping and added utility. If you don’t want to build an entire kit, ask your local dive shop about a scuba multi-tool.

Apparel and Accessories 

scuba diver giftFor male divers who live in a colder climate, a red beanie/toque lets him flaunt his inner Cousteau, or Zissou. A company in France can make a custom Cousteau watch cap.

If he’s not into hats, these shark slippers are a fun way to keep his tootsies toasty.

Sunglasses also make a great gift. Look for 100% UV protection, polarized scratch-resistant lenses, a cleaning cloth and a case. A dive flag logo optional, but definitely scores bonus points.

If your guy has a car, he’s probably into keeping it in good condition. Floor mats make a very smart gift and there are numerous scuba-themed options available on Zazzle. That said, hard-core divers, or those who live with bad weather will want something less decorative and more sturdy.  Ask your local dive shop what kind of vehicle protection they use.

For guys who might like something a little more high-end, consider these diving helmet cufflinks, or a scuba diver ring. Read up on the different kinds of dive watches and ask your local dive shop what dive watch they might recommend.

scuba diver gift

For the Diver Who Likes to Entertain

Raise a glass to his next great dive adventure with a scuba beer stein (yep, there’s one for lady divers too)!  Or go for a gender-neutral dive flag version.

Here’s an idea for wine-drinkers. Keep that bottle safe from any overboard adventures!

Note: if you purchase any the featured items in this article via the Amazon.com links, a portion of the sale will be donated to Project AWARE® through Amazon’s affiliate program.

Looking for more ideas? Check out our list of Gifts Every Scuba Diver Would Like to Receive. Including octopus belt buckles so sweet, your scuba diver friend will buy bigger pants just for the excuse to wear a belt.

There are also numerous other apparel and accessory options available from PADI Gear.

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