Hello, and thanks for clicking on my article. My guess is you’re looking for information about PADI® dive guide requirements for one of three reasons:

  1. You’re new to diving and wonder how much training dive guides have
  2. You love scuba diving and want to know how to get a job as a dive guide
  3. You’re a PADI Pro interested in contributing to PADI Dive Guides™ 

Let’s start with reason number one…

What are the Requirements to Become a Dive Guide?

Most dive guides hold the rank of divemaster (or equivalent). Many are also scuba instructors.

If your dive guide is a PADI Divemaster or higher, they’ve had 50+ hours of professional-level training. This is in addition to the non-professional (diver-level) training required to even start the professional-level courses.

PADI also takes a proactive approach to quality management and will suspend or expel PADI Members who violate standards or PADI’s professional code of contact. Anyone, anywhere in the world can confirm if a PADI Divemaster or Instructor is in good standing by typing their PADI Member Number into PADI Pro Chek™.

If you don’t have someone’s PADI Member number, it’s 100% okay to ask for it. You can also contact PADI Customer Relations during regular business hours, and they can look up any PADI Pro by name and location.  

A divemaster and a group of divers at the surface signal "okay" to each other

How to Become a Dive Guide

I imagine most of you are reading this article because you love diving and are curious to know what it takes to become a professional dive guide. 

The minimum amount of training you need is a divemaster certification. During the PADI Divemaster course you’ll learn:

  • Scuba diver safety and risk management
  • How to conduct dive briefings
  • Specialized divemaster skills
  • How to protect the diving environment
  • Ways to fix common equipment issues
  • How to supervise diving activities

…and a whole lot more. 

If you love scuba diving and have a passion for sharing the underwater world with others, you’ll make a great dive guide and PADI’s Divemaster course will prepare you to work anywhere in the world. Better yet, there are abundant job opportunities for PADI Pros.

Learn more about the requirements to become a PADI Divemaster. When you’re ready, contact your preferred PADI Dive Center, Resort or Instructor to enroll in a course. 

Start the Divemaster Course – FREE!

You can also start your PADI Divemaster online for FREE! Intro to Divemaster is an eLearning program that introduces you to the concepts, skills, and knowledge necessary to become a PADI Divemaster. It’s 100% free; you won’t be asked for a credit card when you sign up. All you have to do is create a PADI account or log into an existing account. Then, from the Training dashboard, select Introduction to Divemaster and choose your preferred language to get started.

PADI Dive Guides: A Global Dive Site Database

As for that third reason, you might be clicking on this article – let’s talk about PADI Dive Guides. These are webpages full of information for divers visiting a particular region, country or area around the world.

If you’re already a PADI Professional, you can contribute to PADI Dive Guides. Share your local knowledge by adding a new dive site or improving an existing listing. Click the links below to learn more.

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